Acquis Communautaire


By now all of you have most certainly downloaded the valuable DGT and IATE TMs, and started working with them. They definitely make our work a lot more fun, efficient and reliable!

In-house we have also been happily working with another extremely useful online corpus since 2008, before all these famous resources turned so popular among public users. I mean the JRC-Acquis Communautaire Corpus, which consists of a parallel corpus of the full text Eur-Lex documents. The advantage compared to the DGT TM is that in the Acquis each sentence is in its context, while in the TMs the sentences are isolated.

It includes all legislative corpora between 1950 and 2006 and can be downloaded here.

But that’s not all: you might as well come across another Acquis: the DGT-Acquis. The difference between this one and the one mentioned above is the time frame they cover: this one’s corpora start in 2004, so there might be some overlap until 2006. Download here.

Have fun!


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