A recalling to mind


Mar. 6th
Séminaire thématique dans le domaine de la terminologie en français
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Feb. 8-9th
Justice and Home Affairs – Introduction
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Feb. 1st
* EU-ASEAN Liaison Officers’ Feedback Workshop
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium


Dec. 14th
* EU Council Liaison Officer assistant for the Philippines Delegation at the EU-ASEAN Commemorative Summit
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Nov. 1st – Dec. 4th
Cosmopolitan Communication
Connecting across diplomats, business leaders, and civil society actors
United Nations Institute for Training and Research – Geneva, Switzerland

Oct. 12th
The essentials of protocol and etiquette for liaison officers
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Jul. 28th
The OLP – Ordinarily Lost in Procedures… until now!
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Since May 3rd
* Member of the EU Interinstitutional PT Toponymy Group, on behalf of the EU Council
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Feb. 17-18th
* EU Council Liaison Officer for the Angola Delegation at the 6th UE-UA Summit
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium


Oct. 25th
Revising in Studio – Portuguese language unit
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Since Jun. 14th
* EU Council Accreditation as Occasional Trainer I
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

May 18th
Revision workshop – Portuguese language unit
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

May 5th
Portuguese Presidency Day: Portuguese language at a crossroads (O português na encruzilhada)
European Commission – Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 3rd
Better understanding eTranslation
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Feb. 10-11th
* Facilitator of “Termbases – Downstream Terminology Management” Info Session for the PT Unit
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Jan. 18th
Work Harmony in Translation Services – the Ethical Dilemmas of Revision
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium


Nov. 24th
Language Technology vs. Disinformation
European Commission, DG-CNECT – Brussels, Belgium

Oct. 21st
How to optimise Post-Editing using AI
KantanMT (online)

Sep. 17th
Translating Terminology in the EU Context
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Aug. 7th
ISO IEC-IEEE 82079-1 — A Critical Standard in Modern Documentation
Acrolinx (online)

July 17th
Legal English Class for Translators and Interpreters
Descomplicando o Inglês Jurídico (online)

July 14-15th
Economics for non-Economists
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

June 26th
ISO TC37 29th Annual Meeting /
ISO TC37/SC5 9th Annual Meeting
ISO (online)

June 23rd
The Basics of Terminology Management
Congree / Content Rules (online)

June 19th
Developing Information for Use in 2020
tekom Europe (online)

Feb. 18th – June 16th
French Classes, Level B2.2.1
Alliance Française – Brussels, Belgium

May 26th
The Basics of Content Reuse
Content Rules (online)

May 13-15th
EU Law for non-Lawyers
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

May 11th
Languagewire Academy: training PEMT
LanguageWire (online)

Apr. 28th
Managing terminology in a collaborative localization workflow
SDL (online)

Apr. 23rd
How to use SDL Trados Studio and SDL MultiTerm to manage terminology
SDL (online) 

Feb. 19th
The GSC, Document Production, and the Legislative Path
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium

Feb. 3rd
DocuWrite: Introduction
EU Council GSC – Brussels, Belgium


Nov. 7-8th
Translating Europe Forum 2019: Translating All Around Us
European Commission – Brussels, Belgium

Since Oct. 1st
* Linguist at the Portuguese Unit of the EU Council GSC
EU Council – Brussels, Belgium

Sept. 26-27th
Journée Scientifique Realiter: Terminologie et Médiation Linguistique: Méthodes, Pratiques et Activités
UAlg – Faro, Portugal

July 12th
TCEurope Colloquium 2019
TCEurope, APCOMTEC – Porto, Portugal

July 8-11th
TCEurope Technical Communication Summer School
TCEurope, APCOMTEC – Porto, Portugal

(c) TCeurope

June 23-28th
ISO TC37 28th Annual Meeting /
ISO TC37/SC5 8th Annual Meeting
ISO/SCC – Ottawa, Canada

(c) indie
“Great things happen when the World agrees” (c) ISO

June 4th
The European and International Balloting Process
IPQ – Almada, Portugal

Fev. 20th
The Portuguese Standardization Process: a Course for Delegates, Secretaries and TC Presidents
IPQ – Almada, Portugal


June 16-17th
International Conference on Standardization, Language, Translation, Interpreting
CNIS – Hangzhou, China

(c) indie

June 9-16th
ISO TC37 27th Annual Meeting /
ISO TC37/SC5 7th Annual Meeting
ISO/CNIS – Hangzhou, China

(c) indie


June 25-30th
ISO TC37 26th Annual Meeting
ISO TC37/SC5 6th Annual Meeting

ISO/Austrian Standards – Vienna, Austria

Foto Palácio
(c) Austrian Standards / ISO

Feb. 23-24th
Elia-Together Berlin
Elia – Berlin, Germany

together berlin 2017
(c) Elia Together


Nov. 14-15th,
EAFT Terminology Summit 2016
TermCoord – Luxembourg

Oct. 4-5th
* Facilitator of the Translation Workshop “Wide-ranging Approach to Translating”
Camões / SADC – Gaborone, Botswana

(c) SADC

Sept. 10-24th
Course on Lexicography
Academia das Ciências de Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal

July 11-12th,
Dicionários, Lexicografia e Dicionarística Portugueses
FCSH – Lisbon, Portugal

July 4-5th
META – Lisbon, Portugal

(c) indie

Since June 30th
* National delegate on behalf of IPQ to
ISO TC37/SC5 “Translation, interpreting and related technology
IPQ – Almada, Portugal

June 17th
APTRAD’s 1st International Translation Conference
APTRAD – Porto, Portugal


June 3rd
* Oficial translation into PT, on behalf of IPQ, of the ISO 17100 standard “Translation services — Requirements for translation services”
IPQ – Almada, Portugal

May 26th
Introducing the new ISO Standard into your LSP
ATC – London, UK

(c) indie

May 7th
Technical Translation Course
Netwire (online)

Mar. 22nd
Slate Desktop for Windows – The Personalized Translation Engine™
eCPD (online)

Feb. 25th
TAUS Translation Automation Users Call with Prompsit
TAUS (online)

Feb. 23rd
Evaluating Localization Providers: Results from a GALA Project
BrightTalk (online)

Feb. 11th
Introduction to ISO 17100
ATC (online)

Feb. 11th
PCT Overview
WIPO (online)

Feb. 6th
TAUS Post-Editing Certification Course
TAUS (online)

Jan. 27th
How does Alexika Select Freelance Translators for Projects
SDL (online)

Since Jan. 25th
* ECQA Certification as Advanced Terminology Manager

Einfaches CMYK
(c) ECQA

Jan. 22nd
Easy to Implement Digital Marketing Strategies for Freelance Translators
SDL (online)

Jan. 21st
New Breakthrough with Machine Translation? The Secret is in the Source
Acrolinx (online)

Jan. 14th
Translating for the International Development Sector
eCPD (online)


Dec. 15-20th
Workshop on Revising PDF files
Revisão Para Quê (online)

Nov. 19-20th
NATO Conference on Terminology Management
NATO-NSO – Brussels, Belgium

nato conference2
(c) NATO

Nov. 5th
Getting to Terms With Standardization – From Term Extraction to a Standardized Termbase
Acrolinx (online)

Nov. 4th
TAUS Translation Technology Showcase Webinar
TAUS (online)

Oct. 27th
Prezi Training
Prezi (online)

Oct. 14th
Canva for Work
Canva (online)

Sep. 30th
Presenting the TAUS Quality Dashboard
TAUS (online)

Sep. 29th
Localization and Translation – The Biggest Mistakes You’re Probably Making
Brighttalk (online)

Sep. 24th
Translation Automation Users Call – Translation as a Utility with Tilde
TAUS (online)

Sep. 24th
TM Town – Getting the Most out of Your Translation Memories
TM-Town (online)

Aug. 18th
Creating Smart Documentation and the Future of Technical Writing
Brighttalk (online)

Aug. 12th
Using Metrics to Master the Art & Science of Translation Management
Brighttalk (online)

July 13-17th
TermNet Terminology Summer School 2015
TermNet/FHKöln – Cologne, Germany

(c) TermNet

July 9th
Introducing SDL Trados Studio 2015
SDL (online)

June 23rd
Brazilian Portuguese Post-Editing
TAUS (online)

June 19th
SDL Trados Studio 2015: Spotlight on Personalization
SDL (online)

June 10th
Across in der Praxis: Qualitätssicherung von Übersetzungen mit der Personal Edition
Across (online)

Apr. 20th
Translation Quality
The Alexandria Library (online)

Feb. 1st – July 31st
Advanced Studies on Text Revision & Editing
Univ. Católica Portuguesa – Lisbon, Portugal


(c) Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Jan. 12th
An Introduction to Terminology Management
eCPD (online)

Jan. 8th
The Basics of Text Revision
UAlg – Faro, Portugal


Nov. 27-28th
EAFT Terminology Summit
TermCat – Barcelona, Spain

EAFT with Rudolfo Maslias
(c) TermCat

Aug. 23th
Course on Project Management for Translators
Eurologos – Faro, Portugal


Oct. 28th
Workshop on Translating Medical Documents from English
Tradulínguas/British Council – Coimbra, Portugal


June 3-4th
Workshop on Legal Translation from English
Tradulínguas, UAlg – Faro, Portugal


Since Mar. 10th
* CCPFC Accreditation as Translation Techniques Trainer
Conselho Científico-Pedagógico de Formação Contínua, Portugal


Oct. 31st
Course on Trados 5.5
Trados, Reinisch España – Madrid, Spain

July 1st – Aug. 2nd
Professional Training Course on Electrotechnics
AEA – Almancil, Portugal


May 18-20th
Course on Translating from German in the EU Context
INA – Oeiras, Portugal

Feb. 22-23rd
Workshop on Legal Translation from German
APT/FLUC – Coimbra, Portugal


Dec. 4-22th
Course on Translation Methodology
INA – Oeiras, Portugal

July 31st (since Oct. 1997)
Post-Graduation in Translation
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, FCSH – Lisbon, Portugal

Jan. 8-9th
Workshop on Literary Translation
APT, INA – Oeiras, Portugal


Jan. 1st – July 31
Traineeship at the Portuguese Translation DG, European Parliament


Sept. 1st – Dec. 31st
Traineeship at Branco Fachübersetzung
Bonn, Germany

July 31st (from Oct. 1989)
M.A. in Modern Languages, Translation German / English
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, FCSH – Lisbon, Portugal


Oct. 1st – Mar. 31st
Erasmus Schoolarship
Johannes-Guttenberg-Universität Mainz, FASK – Germersheim, Germany

(c) José Luís Peixoto

“When you get there,
make sure you keep in mind
where you come from.”

(c) indie

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