Keeping busy

keepcalmTime flies when you are busy or having fun, right? Well, for me at least this year is running so fast that I could really use some 48-hour days sometimes!

Proof is the first seven months of the year have been amazingly productive. Two weeks ago I celebrated the conclusion of my Text Revision and Editing course at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Lisbon. So I am now feeling more prepared than ever for all the revision work I often have in hands, and more aware of the small details that make the Portuguese language a beauty! Count me in for the “four-eye principle”!

As also planned since last December, I recently joined the TermNet International Terminology Summer School in Germany, so I spent the second week of July in my lovely second hometown: Cologne. I can tell you: I had a great time!

One of the most interesting items in a summer school program always has to be the “happy hours activities” after classes. As Prof. Klaus Dirk-Schmitz likes to keep every detail under control, he managed to join us in some nice terraces in the Südstadt to enjoy a cold Kölsch at the end of the day, so that we could properly digest all the rich information we had just been presented. Time to socialize and get to know better some of the other incredibly nice participants from all over the world. Have a look at my DIY movie!

TSS_logoAs to the extensive and intensive program, it was absolutely worth the effort! Five days of interesting sessions, varying from the basics of terminology to ISO standards, all the way through terminology software, bespoken solutions and hands-on cases and presentations. I will come back to the contents later in another post.

This training is supposed to prepare the participants for the exam as ECQA Certified Terminology Manager, which I will be taking in September. One more rod for my own back, I guess… 🙂

In the meanwhile I still managed to pay my dear friends at TermCoord in Luxembourg a visit, where I had the pleasure to avidly hear Mr. Rodolfo Maslias and his team discussing issues about terminology, new resources and new platforms. I thank you so much for the time and attention you dedicated to me, specially Mr. Maslias and Maria Pia Montoro. 😉

For now, I will take the opportunity to focus again on my translation jobs that always keep my calendar alive! I wonder if I will have time to get some sun at the beach nearby…

Portuguese Spelling Reform

Acordo LP
The gradual adaptation to the new Portuguese spelling reform (AO90) started in May 2009. That was the reason that took me 4 months to Brazil back then, in order to better understand the idiosyncrasies of our language overseas.
All 8 Portuguese speaking countries have signed the reform, only Angola did not ratify it so far. Officially, it should be implemented everywhere by 2015/2016, after a 6-year transition period.
This week, on May 13th, the reform came into force, only in Portugal so far. Unfortunately, it is not consensual and although it is official, not everyone agrees with its use. On the contrary, in Brazil, where it shall come into force next January, a colleague who works for the Brazilian Presidency informed me that it has been in use since 2009 without further ado. The fact that the changes in the Brazilian version imply only 0,5% of the words, whereas in Portugal this figure is approx. threefold may be a good reason for that.

The important information I wish you to keep is that, no matter whether the reform is accepted or not, please do not expect to have one version only. There will always be differences between the Afro-European and the Brazilian Portuguese versions!

So far we have been working according to the client’s wishes, i.e., with / without the reform, for Brazil or for Portugal. In your place, I would inform clients that the reform is now official in Portugal, but please do keep asking them whether they need the translation for Portugal or for Brazil, and according to the new or the old reform.
In order to keep abreast of the evolution of the spelling reform — and also to qualify as a Proofreader to help you implement the so-called Four-Eye-Check — in June I will be finishing the course Advanced Studies in Text Revision and Editing at the Universidade Católica in Lisbon.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.