New (re)sources

iate      eurovoc

This week we have enriched our resources portfolio amazingly. The European Union Open Data Portal has recently provided access to the DGT’s TM, which allows translators around the world to use the powerful and immense Translation Memory of the Acquis Communautaire within CAT tools. Besides that, it is now also possible to download the Eurovoc Thesaurus and to interface within MultiTerm! This strongly enriches our terminology resources and is a valuable help in streamlining our translation process.

But there is more: IATE also released a TM and a termbase which can be imported into one’s system. How amazing is that?!

New formats

Still a beappta release, however I am proud to show you the results of an app I have developed with It was meant mainly as a management tool for myself, thought out for keeping all indie.ana activities under the same roof.

Have a look:, or scan the code on the left.

It may eventually be available for Android, iOS and Amazon.