New DGT TM release


Guess what: DGT has just released the 2015 version of the updated DGT TM. Several new TUs have been added to the previous TMs, some of them from 2015 documents (thank you for calling my attention, Lisa!). Earlier this year I mentioned the differences between the DGT TM, the JRC-Acquis TM and the DGT-Acquis TM, feel free to have a look again in this post.

So this time you’ll have three .zip-files for download, as well as the link to the extraction tool (TMXtract.jar), which will help you create the bilingual files you need. Just download the zip-files without unzipping them. Then just add the three files together in the input file field of TMXtract, and name the output file. This way you will have a single .tmx file as a result, which can then be easily imported to a brand new TM you create in your CAT-tool.

For those of your who are proficient in German, you’ll probably be able to find further useful details in Ü wie Übersetzen website.

For the files, click here.

Don’t forget: have fun with your work!

4 Replies to “New DGT TM release”

  1. Hi Ana,

    Please note that the new release is called “DGT-TM-release 2015”, not 2014.

    And of course thanks for pointing to my article in German! 🙂

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I The new release is called 2015, but it sums up the TM status as of 2014 (as implied in the name of the files, Vol-2014). Thank you for your thorough explanation! Have a nice day!

      1. You’re right, the name file names suggest that the files contain 2014 documents. However, the file contains almost exclusively documents from 2015 and also contains numerous 2015 documents like e.g. 32015B0367.tmx, 32015B0368.tmx, 32015B0369.tmx, 32015B0370.tmx, 32015B0371.tmx, 32015D0001.tmx, 32015D0005.tmx, 32015D0006.tmx, 32015D0007.tmx, 32015D0009.tmx, 32015D0015.tmx, 32015D0041.tmx, 32015D0044.tmx, 32015D0055.tmx, 32015D0116.tmx, 32015D0117.tmx, 32015D0118.tmx, 32015D0119.tmx, 32015D0120.tmx, 32015D0129.tmx, 32015D0130.tmx, 32015D0137.tmx, 32015D0143.tmx, 32015D0144.tmx, 32015D0146.tmx, 32015D0155.tmx, 32015D0156.tmx, 32015D0157.tmx, 32015D0158.tmx, 32015D0162.tmx, 32015D0163.tmx, 32015D0164.tmx, 32015D0173.tmx, 32015D0178.tmx, 32015D0179.tmx, 32015D0190.tmx, 32015D0191.tmx and many more.

        You can check the zip file content of the 2015 release on

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